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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a system to support injured workers to return to gainful employment through injury management.

Health Watch Clinics doctors understand how important it is for a company to have employees who have a work related injury to be seen as soon as possible, and to have the correctly completed paper work in the system as promptly as possible.

The medical staff at Health Watch Clinics understand the consequences of lost time injuries and decisions related to time off work or restricted duties are considered carefully.

  • Promotes the injury management and vocational rehabilitation of injured workers to help them successfully return to work.
  • Undertakes research and provides statistics in the areas of rehabilitation, injury prevention and noise induced hearing loss.
  • Monitors compliance with the Act to ensure employers are insured for workers’ compensation to their full liability.
  • Regulates and monitors the performance of service providers (e.g. insurers, approved vocational rehabilitation providers) to ensure they deliver an appropriate standard of service to workers and employers.
  • Ensures all workers employed in a prescribed noisy workplace have the necessary hearing tests.
  • Provides Conciliation and Arbitration Services to resolve disputed workers’ compensation matters; and
  • Registers agreements where parties agree to settle a claim for compensation and agreements and determinations as to the level of a worker’s disability prior to civil action.

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