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Health Assessments

Most people do not think twice about getting their car serviced at regular intervals, yet if the car stops because of lack of care, it results in little more than an inconvenience. The human body is far more complex than any vehicle yet many people expect their body to remain healthy year after year without ever giving a thought to having a check-up to look for early signs of disease.

Most diseases can be controlled or cured if discovered early and with medical management will not affect a person’s well-being or longevity. Any person who is serious about maintaining their health should have a periodic health assessment to give themselves the best chance of remaining healthy.

A Health Watch Clinics Health Assessment is a comprehensive check on your well -being. It comprises a detailed health questionnaire, measurements of your hearing, eyesight, body fat and respiratory function. The assessment also includes a skin check, medical examination, comprehensive blood test and a heart check on a computerised stress electrocardiograph machine.

Following the test and once the blood results are available you will receive a detailed report on your health status.

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